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ALMA was founded in a time where the narrative and stories of queer, questioning, bisexual and gay men were not being told or were centered around the false narrative that gay men were immoral and the result of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. ALMA's PRIDE programming is centered around changing that narrative and creating spaces to celebrate and affirm Latinx LGBTQ+ culture, history, and leaders.

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Celebrating Our Community 

ALMA celebrates our Latinx LGBTQ leaders and their accomplishments. We believe it is important to honor, support, and build our familia. As part of celebrating our community, ALMA identifies and recognizes Latinx LGBTQ+ leaders in Chicago and beyond. 

Cultural Events

ALMA supports Latinx LGBTQ artists, authors, entrepreneurs, and more by hosting events to allow members of our community to highlight and showcase their skills and talents. Our goal is to show the vibrancy of our community through social gatherings, celebrations, and participating and  organizing PRIDE events. 

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