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Leadership Development

To change hearts, minds, and change policy, we need strong leaders. ALMA strives to develop strong leaders and tap into the potential of the Latinx LGBTQ+ community. We also connect leaders from our community to local and national opportunities. ALMA is committed to building a leadership pipeline - from youth leaders to professional community leaders. 



ALMA is proud to offer the ALMA Leadership Scholarship. The scholarship was developed to invest in the leadership opportunities of young Latinx LGBTQ emerging leaders. 
Note: the scholarship is currently on pause due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Youth Summits

ALMA in partnership with community-based nonprofits has hosted annual youth summits. The summits provide an opportunity for youth leaders to organize community wide events, network, and learn from their peers. 

Leadership Development

ALMA strives to develop strong community and organizational leaders by providing workshops, mentoring, and leadership educational opportunities. 

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