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ALMA Creates

ALMA Creates es una beca de arte juvenil integral de seis semanas diseñada para artistas latinos/a/e/x LGBTQIA+ de 17 a 24 años. El programa tiene como objetivo fomentar habilidades artísticas individuales, promover la construcción de comunidades y explorar la importancia del arte como herramienta para Abogacía. Los participantes reciben tutoría personalizada, participan en talleres, obtienen nuevos conocimientos sobre la historia LGBTQIA+ y las expresiones artísticas y culturales relacionadas, y colaboran en una obra de arte culminante que se exhibe al final del programa. El programa alienta y acoge a artistas que trabajan en diversas categorías de arte, incluidas, entre otras:

  • Danza / Canto

  • Actuación

  • Poesía / Escritura

  • Moda

  • Pintor visual/Dibujador/Escultor

  • Diseño Gráfico / Ilustración

  • Fotografía / Videografía 

¡Las solicitudes para la próxima cohorte se abrirán en la primavera de 2025!

ALMA Creates está colaborando con PrEP4Teens, un proyecto de marketing social y movilización comunitaria centrado en las artes desarrollado por adolescentes para crear conciencia sobre la PrEP y otras opciones de salud sexual entre sus pares.

Becarios 2024  

ALLAN AYALA (he/she/they)

A queer Chicano artist/filmmaker born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. Growing up on the northwest side in Belmont Cragin to a single immigrant mother, Allan attended the Chicago High School for the Arts, specializing in Creative Writing. Allan has thrown art shows in apartments, dyed their hair every color, filmed multiple independent productions, been banned from Village Discount, dropped out of a Zionist institution, hosted a rave, as well as authoring their own zine Street Rats. You can reach Allan at or on Instagram @allan.aaaa. 

ANGEL CAMPOS (he/they)

Angel Campos is an artist from south side Chicago offering fun, bright, imaginative

pieces that play with the ideas of being perceived as different or alien. Angel grew up very

private and timid working on art for personal enjoyment but wants to focus on community work.


ELI COLON (he/him)

A queer, trans, neurodiverse Salvadoran-American who creates ceramics, comics, illustrations, zines, and occasionally songs. In his multimedia art, Elí incorporates elements from natural and urban landscapes of his native Texas and Chicago, symbols from his religious upbringing, visual culture from Central America and Latine communities, and celebrations of queer bodies. He is a former Art Institute of Chicago Curatorial Fellow, and his work has been featured in college publications and exhibitions as well as the horror erotica anthology Hallowzine. He co-created The Mixed Review, an anthology zine of art and interviews by multiracial college students.


Jocelyn Miranda is an Aro Ace photographer and artist. Since the beginning of high school, they always wanted to take a photography class, but their school didn’t offer any. One day, they came across the school newsletter and discovered an opportunity to become a FreshLens student, a program that taught youngsters everything about photography. Through FreshLens they have been able to discover a joy, passion, and a part of themselves that they never knew existed. Now, they wish to use their photography skills to advocate for underrepresented students and POC communities through their work and to spread awareness. By joining Alma Creates x Prep 4 Teens, it is their first step to vouch for the Latinx Queer communities and use their voice to represent how the youth feels about the matter and to challenge the status quo.


ADDIS QUITERIO (they/them)

A self taught Queer Latine writer and theatrical performer. They specialize in writing poetry, short stories, and scripts that focus on mental health, and cultural/youth experiences such as immigration, advocacy, and injustices. At a very young age, they used writing and acting on stage as a way to cope with mental health and personal experiences. Some of their major influences in their art, is with their experiences with mental health such as being diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and Complex Post-traumatic stress disorder at a young age. They believe in raising awareness for mental health in the Latinè community as it is not easily recognized by older generations. With their work in advocacy, in 2022 they helped create a film. They are also passionate

about working with youth and are studying at Illinois State University for an undergraduate degree in Theater and English education. With their passion for working with youth, they are also working as an internship site supervisor at After School Matters where they plan to work with instructors and specialists for youth development.


A queer Latina, primarily a performing artist and clay sculptor.  They look to explore their sexuality, culture, self-love, and their take on feminism through their work. From working on youth and intergen ensembles to creating clay and glass sculptures.  Embarking on their artistic journey much later in life than most, they look forward to being versatile with different mediums and art styles, explicitly going from a very cute approach to a more grotesque style.

Screenshot 2024-04-11 at 11.45.38 AM.png

David es un artista autodidacta que se identifica como un hombre latino gay, cisgénero y defensor de la participación comunitaria. Su obra de arte a menudo le habla a la comunidad Latinx LGBTQ+. David también asesora a adolescentes de Chicago a través de su programa "BLOOM".


Becarios anteriores 

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