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Make Your Commitment Known

You can be part of our story. Be part of ALMA's effort in advocating for a society that is more just and equitable for all. 

Madrines & Padrines are more than just committing to donating to ALMA. They are investing in the long-term future of our communities and stewardship of ALMA Chicago. As a Madrine or Padrine you are an ambassador advocating for the sustainability of the organization. 

By donating today, you are directly supporting our efforts to create a more equitable society for all, immediately. Your donation ensures that we can continue to provide essential services, advocacy, and leadership development for years to come. We cannot do this important work without your support, and we are deeply grateful for your commitment to our mission. 

Your pledge will ensure we can continue providing essential services, advocacy, and leadership development for not only our current community, but generations to come. Together, we can create a more just and equitable society for all.

ALMA Chicago is a tax-exempt organization under IRS Tax Code 501(c)3.

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