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We Remember a 
Fighter, Community Leader, Friend, Brother, & Familia

Roman Buenrostro, co-founder of ALMA, passed away on March 25, 2021
Roman shares his story for the "It Gets Better" campaign

AIDS Foundation Of Chicago

Longtime LGBTQ+ leader and activist, Román Buenrostro, passes away
Roman Buenrostro, my supervisor and friend has passed away and will never be forgotten. He taught me so much, brought laughter into everyone’s life he touched (including mine), was a great community leader and for that I will be eternally grateful. RIH, Roman Buenrostro. You will be sorely missed. 
Our deepest sympathies. So sorry to lose such a lovely neighbor and friend, and what we'll cherish the most is the memory of his glowing smile.
Dorin and Tiffany Grigoras
Alex Rhodes
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