From the Front Lines – DACA leader Perla arrested

As the fight for our DACA youth continues, I wanted you to hear from one of our leaders on the front lines. OneAmerica leader and DACA recipient Perla is in D.C., where hundreds of protesters are blocking the halls of Congress.

Perla decided to take the ultimate risk – to come out of the shadows with her status and demand change, even at the risk of being targeted for deportation.

“I wasn’t planning on getting arrested,” Perla said. “When we were doing the sit-in at the Senator’s office, we all shared our stories. Then the police came. They were being rude to us. Seeing the way we were treated brought back so many memories of how our communities have been treated over the years. I realized I had to take a stand.”

“This is the final push for Congress to make a decision. It’s either now or never. I was really scared at first, but I decided, “If I don’t do it, no one else will.”

 Support Perla and our Dreamers on the front lines today with a gift to OneAmerica.

With your support and brave leaders like Perla, OneAmerica won’t stop fighting. Your contributions allowed OneAmerica to support undocumented youth and families in the aftermath of the decision to rescind DACA, helping our communities to know their rights, elevating their stories and taking action across the State.

We are making progress. We convinced U.S. Rep. Dan Newhouse from Yakima to lead 16 congressional Republicans to demand action on a permanent pathway to citizenship from Dreamers this year.

We won’t stop until Congress passes a Clean DREAM Act that leaves no family behind.

“Every day that passes is a day less that I have with DACA. If the DREAM Act isn’t part of the spending bill, more and more of my friends and family will be subject to deportation. I’m not only fighting for myself. I’m fighting for all of our communities.”

Your support fuels our work to keep up the fight.
 It means the world to Perla, and to us.

In Solidarity,
Rich Stolz

About OneAmerica

OneAmerica is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that advances the fundamental principles of democracy and justice by building power within immigrant communities.


Action Alert! Stand with Immigrant Families!

Stand with immigrant families today! This morning, a bus of 60 leaders from Illinois arrived in Washington DC to meet with the Illinois Congressional delegation to demand protection for our immigrant families. They are joining 15,000 leaders from across the US and our national partners at the Fair Immigration Reform Network (FIRM) to rally, participate in civil disobedience and urge all members of congress to pass a clean #DreamActNow and support individuals with Temporary Protected Status #SaveTPS.

Help amplify their voices! Make 4 calls today to our Congressional Delegation and tell them: “I am a resident of Illinois and I am urging [Sen or Rep] to support immigrant families and pass a clean DREAM Act as soon as possible and save Temporary Protected Status!”

Register Today for ICIRR’s 2017 Immigration Integration Policy Symposium!

This year, ICIRR is proud to announce Juan Saldago, Chancellor of the City Colleges of Chicago, as Keynote Speaker for ICIRR’s 2017 Immigrant Integration Policy Symposium! We hope you can join us at our annual gathering as we bring together key stakeholders in 5 policy areas most crucial to the integration and prosperity of immigrant families in Illinois. Click Here to Register!

Plenary Session, Building Alliances Across Communities and Issueswill feature Jawanza Malone, Mony Ruiz-Velasco, Kristina Tendilla, Sarah Yousuf, Suzanne Akhras Sahloul, and will be moderated by Alejandra Ibañez. The session will feature panelists discussing their experiences building alliances across communities and issue campaigns, and the challenges and lessons-learned in being a good ally.  

Panel Sessions for the 2017 Symposium Include:

  • College Access for Undocumented Students: Educating and Empowering Allies on Resources for Undocumented Students
  • Building Resilience in Our Communities by Increasing Health Care Access    
  • Moving Immigrant Lives Forward: Opportunities for Positive Change in a New Administration
  • Democracy, Demographics and Data: Understanding Immigrant Civic Engagement as We Move Towards 2020
  • Equity for Human Services: A Common Sense Approach to Illinois’ Budget Crisis

Visit our website here for more details!

Please register by Oct. 25th following the link on the flyer or click here! Please let ICIRR’s Health Policy Director Luvia Quinones know if you have any questions at

White House Immigration Principles Put Children and Families at Risk

White House Immigration Principles Put Children and Families at Risk

On Sunday, October 8, the Trump Administration unveiled its principles for reform of the U.S. immigration system. The long list includes policy proposals that would further ramp up immigration enforcement, severely cut overall immigration, and penalize localities that choose to limit collaboration with federal immigration authorities. The principles also seek to significantly roll back critical protections for vulnerable asylum-seeking children and drastically cut the number of refugees. The release of these principles comes just over a month after the Trump Administration’s heartless decision to terminate the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program and uproot the lives of over 800,000 immigrant youth and young adults, about a quarter of whom are parents.

In response, Olivia Golden, executive director of CLASP, made the following statement:

“President Trump’s immigration principles not only fail to deliver a path forward, but also represent an affront to our nation’s proud immigration history. Over the past year CLASP has condemned the administration’s racist and extremist attacks on immigrants across the country. From ramped-up immigration enforcement that is tearing families apart to policy proposals that threaten to deny vulnerable children the most fundamental protections, this administration is clearly headed in the wrong direction.

“We urge Congress to heed the overwhelming bipartisan support for the Dream Act and act urgently to pass it. Addressing the immediate threat facing DACA youth should not be contingent on harmful proposals that undermine our nation’s values and put children and families at risk. We are committed to continuing to work with our partners in the anti-poverty community to advocate for passage of a clean Dream Act and to fight back against misguided proposals that seek to undermine the safety and vitality of immigrant and refugee families.”

Read CLASP’s statement in support of the Dream Act of 2017.

Read CLASP’s analysis of the Trump Administration’s immigration enforcement orders.

Read Olivia Golden’s commentary on protections for unaccompanied children.

Read CLASP’s statement in opposition to the RAISE Act.


Tell Congress: Pass a clean DREAM Act now!

One month ago today, Trump killed the Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, cruelly putting nearly 800,000 immigrant youth in grave danger of detention and deportation.

So today, on the last day DACA renewal applications can be received, activists in D.C. are holding a rally and visiting members of Congress individually as part of a DACA Day of Action — calling on Congress to immediately pass a clean Dream Act.

You can be a part of this day of action too, Julio. Click here to call Congress right now and urge them to pass a clean DREAM Act without delay!

It’s urgent that Congress takes immediate action because after today, hundreds of thousands of DACA recipients will be at risk of deportation. But there’s a solution that can provide a certain future for immigrant youth, one that doesn’t bargain their freedom at the expense of their families’ safety.

It’s called the DREAM Act, and it currently has bipartisan support in both the House and Senate and backing from two-thirds of Republican voters.1 And if we show a groundswell of support for a clean DREAM Act, we can win.

Will you help elevate the voices of our DACAmented youth by calling members of Congress and urging them to support a clean DREAM Act? Click here to view a script and make a call right now.

When no one thought it could be done, immigrant youth and their allies joined together to form a grassroots movement to win DACA. Now we must do it again to pass a clean DREAM Act and ensure immigrant youth are here to stay. Click here to make a call.

Thanks for being an activist,

Amanda Johnson
Working Families Party


1. Poll: Two-thirds of Republicans Back Citizenship for DACA RecipientsThe Hill, September 22, 2017

Action Alert! Urge Gov Rauner to Oppose Graham Cassidy

As early as next Monday, Sept 25th Congress could be voting on the newest Affordable Care Act Repeal bill: Graham-Cassidy.

This bill hurts immigrant families.

The Graham Cassidy repeal bill is dangerous and we MUST do everything we can to stop this bill in its tracks before it harms families. If this bill passes, it would:

  • Eliminate the financial assistance that helps low- and moderate-income families purchase health care coverage;
  • End expanded Medicaid coverage that helps millions of low-income adults;
  • Jeopardize access to the most effective treatments for addiction and weaken states’ efforts to address the current crisis of drug overdose deaths;
  • Undermine essential protections for people with pre-existing conditions, including HIV;
  • Resurrect – and worsen – the devastating cuts in coverage and benefits that the American public and the majority of Congress have already rejected.
  • Attack women’s health, as it removes protection from preexisting conditions.
  • Additionally, the state of Illinois would lose $1.4 billion in federal Medicaid funding by 2026, rising to $9.26 billion in 2027.

Call Gov. Bruce Rauner at 312-814-2121 NOW and demand that he publicly oppose the Graham Cassidy proposal. Governors have proven to be crucial in building opposition to ACA repeal in Congress.

Other serious problems with the Graham Cassidy proposal include:

  • The elimination of the Marketplaces & subsidies would eliminate the option for many immigrants who are not eligible for Medicaid or CHIP to obtain quality, affordable health coverage. It would be a huge step backward and create a loss of coverage in immigrant and mixed-status families.
  • The bill houses its new program—a block grant to states to address health issues in a variety of ways—is housed in the CHIP program. By our reading, this means that the funds available for states must follow CHIP eligibility rules—meaning they are limited to qualified immigrants (unless a state elects to cover lawfully present children and/or pregnant women)
  • The bill would strike from the law some good language regarding privacy and protecting mixed-status that has provided a model for how programs should be structured, for instance explicitly stating that only information necessary for determining eligibility can be collected. Without the underlying ACA Marketplaces, substantively it might not have much effect, but it eliminates a model policy we have often uplifted.

Take Action Now! Call Gov. Rauner and learn more at!

Find DACA Resources & What You Can Do to Take Action!

Here’s what ICIRR and our members and allies are doing in response to the rescission of DACA. Below you will find a list of critical resources leading up to the October 5th deadline to reapply for DACA, and ways that you can get involved to take action.

Click here to visit to see the latest information available.

Click the image below for a list of upcoming DACA workshops between now and Oct. 5th & DACA renewal fee assistance