VICTORY: Governor Rauner to Sign TRUST!

Governor Rauner will sign the Illinois TRUST Act (SB 31) next Monday, August 28th!

The TRUST Act is now the national gold standard as it is the strongest statewide deportation protection policy in the country. The TRUST Act  will:

  • Provide critical protection from deportation for Illinois residents by preventing local police from stopping, searching, or arresting anyone based solely on that person’s immigration status;
  • Uphold basic requirements under our Bill of Rights by requiring a warrant issued by a judge before anyone can be arrested and jailed for immigration purposes;
  • Ensure that local residents can interact with police without fear that they will end up in deportation proceedings
This historic victory is due to the incredible work of 85+ member organizations from throughout Illinois through the Campaign for a Welcoming Illinois. Together we have demonstrated what we can achieve when we come together in struggle for justice.
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